Create a clear plan for intranet success

SharePoint Intranet  governance: a key business in your digital workplace

Planning intranet governance should happen during the envisioning process, to ensure that all stakeholders have shared vision and goals. Our experts can help you create a highly-organized plan that incorporates best practices, and our powerful management structure allows you to keep tabs on your employees and their responsibilities to monitor their progress and develop accountability.

Your intranet governance plan will evolve as your organization evolves and as new capabilities are added to SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

SharePoint Intranet services for structure and content management

Forget about digging deeper into your archives to find the PDF file your employee posted two days ago. We help you map an effective intranet content strategy to offer relevant content to your staff according to their requirements. Also, you possess complete authority to render a piece of content obsolete if it is no longer relevant to your workforce.

With SharePoint, you get access to a thoroughly planned content management structure that defines the roles of all the stakeholders involved in the process.


Intranet communication strategy and employee adoption

With your preferences and guidance leading the way, Definity First experts pave the way to a high-performing and functional intranet.

Through implementation, we measure the effectiveness of our strategy. Our rapid prototyping capabilities also ensure that setbacks don’t hold us back from delivering a final product you’ll know and love.

SharePoint Intranet Governance

Maximize your employee engagement with meaningful content whenever they require it

We believe that an effective intranet governance plan can be the key to the successful implementation of your intranet. If you do not have an intranet management plan in place, we help you to come up with an indispensable governance strategy.

Definity First promises high employee adoption rates owing to our extensive experience in deploying intranet solutions to companies from all types of industries.