We help you build a customized SharePoint Intranet that results in a unique user experience

Drive engagement and collaboration with your SharePoint Intranet

We believe that the key to a functional and engaging intranet is a design that sparks curiosity and drives results.

From custom intranet design to creating a memorable brand – our team of cross-functional designers can help you layout the foundation of a stunning modern digital workplace that entices and engages.


Intranet brand creation and creative design

Whether you need a fresh logo or an eye-catching color palette, our professional designers can whip up new creatives to define your brand identity.

If you want an intranet that wins minds and hearts while also staying true to your business values, trust us to have your back. We can transform your network into an efficient, stylish digital workplace that makes tools and resources open and accessible.

Intranet brand creation

Build custom apps through rapid prototyping

Proven methodologies and industry best practices are what drives rapid prototyping capabilities at Definity First. Eliminate time and resources when you pick a partner that offers the flexibility you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

We outline the costs involved as our intranet techs ensure that the final product is what your users need and want.

SharePoint Intranet Design and UX

Are you ready to give your staff the resources and tools they need to get their job done through a unique user experience?