Building a strong foundation with reliable intranet content architecture that sparks collaboration

Solid information architecture is an important prerequisite for realizing a well-maintained and well-performing portal

Our SharePoint Intranet services deliver full fledged modern solutions for creating a well-maintained high-performance portal. Designing this optimal structure takes due diligence and planning, and we deliver by ensuring that all your content and redesigning needs are met in-house.

SharePoint Intranet Content

Information architecture custom-built for your intranet needs

Equipped with a solid understanding of your content and how your people interact with it, we use Microsoft's SharePoint to integrate it in your intranet governance plan.

Count on us to redesign the structure and transform ad hoc sites into powerful customer-oriented solutions. We develop strategies informed by the findings of in-depth research. Next, our team redesigns the structure based on a business’ requirements, vigorously tests it and further improves it to ensure that the deliverables meet your exacting standards.

Our time-saving measures allow personalization based on your design preferences – if you need custom branding solutions, consider it done!

Intranet needs

Content migration that facilitates unrestricted communications

We know that migrating from one CMS to another can be a daunting task, especially when there are files and data involved. This content can be invaluable for partners, vendors, and customers; that’s why we keep it secure as it is moved to your new intranet.

We inspect content for each solution and prioritize it, so the most important content goes first. This also helps us find and remove outdated content from your systems while we ensure a smooth onboarding without any disruptions.

Our team of experts are also able to reorganize content and even restructure entire sites to deliver on our promise for the best possible SharePoint Intranet Services.


Content and style guide that makes an impact

Our SME, content designers, and strategists can set the tone for all communications that happen via your SharePoint Intranet.

If you already have a style guide, we can follow that, or we can build you an authoritative style guide for your content that enhances the readability, comprehension, and impression of your content.

Our content design solutions can help to discover and define your business mantra and present it through content design and style guides that are built for your business.