Case Study

How an Intranet helped the Caltech's breakthrough:
$2 billion fundraising campaign

Enhancing Caltech's Staff Intranet: Maximizing functionality and user experience

Definity First collaborated with Caltech's DIR and central IT team to achieve the goal of redesigning their staff intranet web portal, enhancing its functionality, promoting collaboration, and providing an improved user experience.

Caltech was undertaking an ambitious fundraising campaign that demanded constant communication and collaboration within DIR to ensure its success.

The project resulted in an upgraded version of their intranet, seamlessly integrating the aesthetics of an external website with the functionality of Microsoft SharePoint.

In this case study, you will discover:
  • How we delivered a useful and consistently accurate intranet web portal using Microsoft's SharePoint.
  • How we enhanced communication by empowering them through a clean and contemporary redesign.
  • How improved functionality and user experience contribute to increased user adoption across the organization.
  • Valuable lessons learned and advice from Caltech.